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The Wort Share is our annual event where we allow homebrewers to pick up a 5 gallon batch of wort from our brewery during a special brew day on Memorial Day Monday.

  • At roughly Noon that day, the batch will be ready to be sent to the fermenter. at that time, we fill up each participant’s carboys with boiled and chilled wort, and The rest of the batch goes into our fermenter.

  • The idea is that everyone does something unique with the same base wort by fermenting it at home with whatever yeast, additions, dry hops, fruit, like.

  • A couple of months later, we will have a reunion party where you can bring in your version of the beer and try what other Participants have Home-brewed. Far Gohn's version will be available on tap at the brewery.


1. Sign up & pay in the taproom or pay online during hours of operation ($20 for Ingredient Cost).

2. You need to bring a cleaned and sanitized 5 gallon carboY or brew bucket. If you want to watch or participate in the brewing

3. At Approximately 12:30 PM we will begin filling carboys with chilled wort for you to take home.

4. Take you wort home, pitch your yeast, and ferment and bottle as you see fit (yeast not included).

5. Bring a few bottles of your brew back for the wort share reunion to held a few weeks later (date - TBD) when we all get to get to sample different version people made out of the same base wort!

6. Please send any questions to FARGOHNBREWING@GMAIL.COM

98% British Malt, 2% Crystal Malt, Hopped to approx 18 IBU's in the kettle. Starting gravity will be approx 52.


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